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Mathletes and Athletes: Ultimate Stereotypical Party Theme


This party theme is really about getting down to who you think you are! Are you a Mathletes or part of the Athletes? This theme can easily go with the classic stereotypical tale of the nerds and the jocks. This party is fairly similar to the High School Stereotypes party theme if you need any more ideas.

This is your chance to show your stuff from back in the day. As a girl, what were you? That classy cheer leader? Part of the nerds? If you were a guy, who did you hangout with? Did you rock the football field? Maybe you were that valedictorian? This is the time to show off your stuff and get with the past with our Mathletes and Athletes party theme.


Mathletes and Athletes party theme doesn’t requite too much set up thankfully. In fact, it can be really whatever you want it to be. Preferably, any large party though needs a good dance floor or you’ll end up with just a bunch of people standing around.

Following that, hosting your party outside is even better but if the noise is too loud; the basement will always work. Throw on some old school music from back in high school and you should have the theme itself fairly well covered.

Party theme Costume Ideas:

Compared to other party themes, this one is fairly straight forward and simple. You just need to choose a side in which would be Mathletes or Athletes. This simple Mahletes and Athletes party theme can actually be a lot of fun if you set it up right!

As a guy and looking to give out a few laughs or perhaps getting some numbers, you might want to head the Mathletes route. Girls have a completely different approach and can add a sexy appeal to this party theme.

Costume Ideas For Guys

Depending on what kind of guy you are, you basically have two main obvious options for this Mathletes and Athletes themed party. You might want to end up dressing a little freaky and throwing some Mathlete clothes on.

Lets be real, being the funny, like-able guy at your party might end up netting you a few numbers. If you would rather go with being a bro, athletes is the way to go! Guys have roughly three different ways they can go with this party theme:
mathletes and athletes party theme

  • If you end up going down the nerdy Mathlete route, its quite simply; just dress up as the classic nerd. Throw on some glasses with a little tape, pocket protector and pull those pants up high as you can with a belt! Finish it off with a plaid shirt and you’re ready to go as a Mathlete!
  • If you end up trying to pull off the jock, athlete route; just pull some old jerseys from back in the day out of your closet from your past! It doesn’t matter if their soccer, track, football, basketball or even tennis, any jersey will work and do just fine! Maybe throw some knee high socks to finish out the whole outfit.
  • The above two themes should work out for the most part, but if they still don’t work; you have one last ditch option left! Simply being the typical spoiled ivy league student.

    Some may argue that this is almost frat boy attire but at my campus; this isn’t close. Throw on a button up shirt, that sweater vest that matches your schools colors and you should be good to go!

Costume Ideas For Girls

Girls have quite a few options with this Mathletes and Athletes party theme. They can either go down the whole naughty school girl route or go back in time to high school and dress as back in the day. This may mean there pulling out the cheer leading outfit or dress in the sport you used to play. Girls definitely have it easy with this Mathletes and athletes party theme.

  • Feel free to hit up the sexy school girl or even naughty school girl route with this party. You will be getting all the guys looking and wishing that they’ll be with you. Jut throw on a button up shirt, that short skirt and I’m sure you’ll have one fun night ahead.
  • Depending if you want to stay true to the party theme, maybe a Mathlete is more up your route! Being a nerd for a girl is easy as they can go down the sexy or cute nerd route. If you are looking to be a cute nerd, pull out the big glasses, hot pants, classic suspends for your pants and some big tails.

    If you want a little sexy in your nerd’s party outfit, swap out the pants and suspends for a skirt. Top if all off with a button down shirt thats only partially buttoned up.

  • If the athlete is and used to be more your style, you have options too. You can either be the classic cheerleader or go down the sports route. Cheerleaders have it easy though as all they need to wear is the classic Halloween cheer costume. Heck you could even double up on this costume idea use it for this party theme and Halloween.

    The sports route though has many more costume options and ideas. If you plan on doing any sport that used to wear a jersey, this is the time to break it out! Slap some knee high socks (or crew socks), shoes, short shorts, top it off with a sweat band and you’re ready to go!

    Being a athlete as a girl has a ridiculous amount of options! Your best bet is to just relax and have some fun with it.

Party warnings and tips:

  • If you end up hosting the party, make sure all your valuables are put away!
  • Bringing less is more. Don’t bring a ton of stuff and end up having it stolen or lost. Simply doing this will not let some asshole ruin your night!
  • Have fun with it, Mathletes and Athletes party theme is meant to bring out your creative side a little! Don’t hold it back!

Party Drinks:

If you really want to bring out the basics of the Mathletes and Athletes party theme, just go with the classic jungle juice. Everyone loves some jungle juice and I’m sure they won’t care either after a few glasses!

Fill up some of those old school orange water coolers with your jungle juice and all your guests will be re hydrating just like the athletes on your high school football field do!

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