cowboys and indians themed party
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Cowboy and Indians Party Theme: Baby Its The Wild West


A Cowboys and Indians Themed Party can be the theme for a college party. What’s more awesome is it’s not too kiddy that’s it’s just a matter of games and giveaways, but it’s a whole new level of fun by bringing beer to the scene. Prepare your Texan twang and practice archery peeps because you’re going to need that for the night.


This party can be held indoors or outdoors:

  • Divide the room into two settings: a Texas ranch or an Indian hut. Whichever you choose, the amount of decorations available is limitless. Deck the tables with burlap and wooden wares and mugs for a native Indian setting. You can also put bandannas and sheriff’s badges on the chairs. Decorate the whole place with horse figurines, cowboys and Indian action figures, and assorted feathered headdress. Play some famous Texan songs in the background too.
  • For the outdoors, you can setup camping tents and decorate it to like an actual teepee and a campfire (just make sure to extinguish it after the party) to have that pioneer look. Place rubber snakes, squirt guns, toy horses, iron spurs, horse shoe rings, plastic tomahawks and faux bow and arrow sets around the area. You bet it’s going to be a heck of a college party!

Cowboy and Indians Costume Ideas:

The guys are going to be cowboys riding on their horses (Just kidding!). A checkered button-down, long sleeved polo tucked in by blue pants. You can don a leather vest too. Wrap a bandanna around your neck, wear a cowboy hat, and hang a lasso at your hip for good measure. Wear a leather black or brown cowboy boots.

The gals are going to be native Indians (same as those in the Pocahontas movie) and so, leather dresses or leather wraps are ideal getups. You can be an Indian princess or an Indian warrior. The warriors carry a bow and arrow set and paint applied on their faces for an intense war. The Indian princesses are the serene type; just a colorful feathered headdress can make you as the chief’s daughter. Use moccasin as footwear.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • A Cowboy and Indians Party don’t serve anything fancy. The drinks can be non-alcoholic such as cooled root beers served in mugs. Ginger ales and Whiskeys are healthy for cowboys. You can play shots with your college friends too.
  • Keep your alcohol to a minimum.
  • Roasted Beef Jerky, steaks, and burgers are the must-haves food for the party.
  • As entertainment, you can provide games for your guests like having a horse-racing game with your toy horses. It may sound childlike but you can add a little twist by having money involved. Another thing, Cowboys and Gold is a great tandem. Let the cowboys find a gold nugget on a bag of flour without using their hands.
  • Wild West is nothing without a shootout; use squirt guns to knock over tin cans and paper cups.
  • You can also give out awards to the best dressed, the best Texan accent, best yodel, etc.

Drink Recipes:

You’re in the Wild West and looking for something to drink. Obviously you aren’t going to have some mixers out here! This is definitely a beer and a hard liquor type of party! Get out that Captain or Whiskey and start taking some shots. Throw a few kegs in here and you have a banging party next!

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