Lingerie Party Theme
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Lingerie Party Theme: You Can’t Party Any Sexier Than This


The thing about College parties is that it’s getting naughty and the most notable example would be the infamous Lingerie Party. We all know some common clichés like “Girl talk” or “Girls’ day out” but what about a Girls’ night out? This night is going to be exclusively for girls. So what exactly is the amusing part of this night? Of course, it’s the thought that you’re not going to wear anything but lingerie.


A college party with lingerie as its theme should be done in secrecy. It’s not for everyone’s pleasure and only the selected will get to join. Sweet! A lingerie party is done at night and in a covert quarter to prevent any stranger from sneaking a peek.

This party doesn’t need lots of expenses because we all know that less is more. During the party, try to maintain a sexy and flirtatious atmosphere without being overtly sexual as some are slightly sensible and might be offended.

The best colors applied would be pink, red, and animal prints. You can put balloons and streamers in the room. Also, supply yourself with some fake candles (avoid using real ones for safety purposes), roses’ petals, and an exotic perfume for good measure. Your companies for the night are your girlfriends so you don’t need to fret for any guy who wants to go outside because the scent is poisoning him.

Lingerie Party Costume Ideas:

A lingerie Party uses panties and bra or whatever undergarments you have available. If you want to buy a new set, go for lace or satin. These materials are kinda playful and sensual. If you want to ease up some belly fat, you can try wearing a corset. The whole point in a lingerie party is that all of you will be wearing undergarments; therefore, being embarrassed isn’t a concern.

In going to these parties, wear something casual like a dress or a button-up shirt so you easily removed these clothes when you reach the party place.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Lingerie parties are full of fun games. There is this game called Underwear Race wherein one participant will dig inside a box or bin filled with bra and panty sets and she must find a matching set. The woman who gets the most pairs matched is declared as the winner and you can give discount coupons to a lingerie store as a prize.
  • Pair your drinks with class. A champagne, vodka or red wine can be use as drinks. Avoid cups and use wine glasses.
  • A girl in lingerie likes sweets. The foods set for these kind of parties are cupcakes, cakes and lollipops.
  • Did I mention privacy? A lingerie party shouldn’t have any uninvited guests around. Ladies, it will spoil your fun. Furthermore, there’s a chance that trespasser is going to upload pictures in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you don’t want some stranger looking at your cheeky bottoms unless it’s for show. I suggest you keep the fun and racy moments with your lady friends.

Drink Recipes:

This party theme requires something sexy to drink, therefore you should be serving a mixed drink of some sort. This is the time to throw some money in and get fancy! If you’re struggling to get enough to pay though, simply charge a cover at the door and you may even make a little money.

Worst comes to worst, you should try to get something thats maybe red. For instance, you can make a mean Jungle Juice that would work, but thats if you’re looking to be cheap.

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