About us

About Us

Dorm High is your guide to everything college. From that first year to even your senior year. All made by college students, for college students. If partying is your game, we’ll try our best to provide the best details for that next party even if that may mean that unique party theme, rules for that drinking game you’ve been arguing about, that favoite mixed drink recipe and the latest music that your party goers will enjoy. We even throw in life advice and whatever comes to our mind.. There are no limits with Dorm High!

How we came about

As someone who used to once design websites professionally, I always wanted to make my own site along with one who would help people one way or another. As I brain stormed, I decided it needed a name that didn’t really mean anything. Something that would only be defined by what I made it, thus Dorm High was created.

Dorm High can be applied to anything.. We try to just hit up anything college related in hopes that one day, we will be that go to site to help all college students get through those essential four years in their life. Wheither that may mean life advice in college to how you could party harder. We will do our best to help you out!

In the future

We hope to become the number one site with college advice. You could say this will be a imence task, but with the team thats slowly building up.. I don’t feel its impossible. Plus, this is a long term project that will span the next 4-8 years. Content will be key though and advice from our users couldn’t be more apprecitated! Send us your ideas, tips and tricks, party theme ideas, college life tips or that party picture you want the world to see. We review everything by hand!!

If you end up following one of our articles, take a picture and send it in! It will only make the site better for everyone seeing you have a great time at that party or playing that drinking game. We may even throw a tweet out there to our growing fan-base.

Finally, we are always looking for writers. Currently, we do not pay for articles but we do plan on giving out free merchandise to the top writers whom post frequently. Be part of the movement and make Dorm High something that stands out in the college community. Make it something people know. This is your chance to get in on it and hopefully experience something that many won’t. If you just want your voice heard on a topic, thats fine too! Dorm High is perfect way to talk directly with your peers.. Give it a shot.