Beach Party Theme
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Beach Party Theme: How to Bring the Beach to Your Campus


You can’t beat just having a beach day at the lake or right next to the ocean on the white sand beaches. If you are lucky, you might be at a college with these amenities that many would love to have. Sadly though, many won’t be near any of these anywhere near their college campus.

We suggest not giving in and simply just bring this beach to you… The party theme is simple; we’re bringing the white sandy beaches to your college with this Beach party theme. Hang ten bros…Ha

The Setup:

This setup for our beach party isn’t too bad. In fact, its a lot like our Hawaiian Luau party theme. You will thankfully find the bulk of your party items for this theme at your local party store though or go cheap and hit up a dollar store. So don’t worry, this theme is easy to implement.

Lets be real, you won’t be able to replicate a exact beach as you’ll be missing the water but you can get pretty close!!

Go to your local party store and try to pick up some paper lanterns or anything that resembles them. You will also want to grab some tiki torches and have enough lighting supplies where the areas that should be lit, will be lit.

With everything dark except where you have placed your tiki torches or paper lights; it’ll create a atmosphere that you are actually far away from campus.

If you are able too, string across lights at your party from either side to make it even better. And to top it all off, make sure you have a DJ or a sound system big enough to blast at the party.

Note: Before you go out buying anything, make sure you know you are allowed to have it.

If you want to go the extra mile like we’ve experienced.. it will take much more prep work. You will be bringing in tons upon tons of sand by dump drunk to place in your backyard.

This will create one amazing beach that all your party goers will never forget! If you have a volleyball court or looking to get one; this will workout great too!!

Spread out some seating for your party goers along with beach towels and it’ll be the closest thing to a beach you can get!! We were lucky enough to attend a frat party that had exactly this!

Throw on some beach party tunes along with a area for being social and dancing, it will be one unforgettable night along with one sexy time at your beach party!

Bonus: If you are the host and looking for some fun, fill some cheap super soakers up with a mix of booze and go around giving out shots! You may get lucky and start trying to deal them out, a kiss a shot!

Costume Ideas:

This party theme is fairly straight forward with the costumes. All you need to do is get rid of that normal college clothing that you wear and put on something fun and ridiculous. Don’t be that guy coming all dressed up in his everyday clothes. Be unique and throw on some of that beachwear.

For girls, this is your time to get sexy and get your tan on for the upcoming party. Find that favorite bikini and wear it over! You essentially can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, from those booty shorts to even swim suits.

For the guys, that’s a whole different story. Lets be real here, you will have that one guy showing up in their speedo. Unless you are able to pull it off… Don’t show up in a speedo. Heck, don’t expect anything at this party if you show up speedo. Good chance girls will walk AWAY from you.

All guys need to do is show up with a cut off/t-shirt and some swim trunks and they’ll be ready for the party.

Warnings and Tips:

  • This party theme will require quite a bit of cash if you are planning to supply drinks, you might want to charge your guests a entrance fee
  • To get more girls, let the girls in free and have the guys have to pay
  • If you supply alcohol, expect your party to be really bumping but it may get a little out of control.
  • If you’re lucky, the party may go European and you’ll see some tops flying off!!
  • Don’t let people attend your beach party theme without dressing up one way or another
  • Once again, no speedos!! It will ruin your party and you could even say its just too cocky..Haha

Drink Ideas:

This beach party theme should require more types of alcohol then your average college party. If you are planning to supply alcohol to a large amount of people; then kegs and jungle juice may cut it… But if you truly want to go all out, then you will need a variety of tropical, fruity drinks. You should include these drinks in your college beach party theme:

  • Mai-Tai(There the bomb)
  • Gin and Tonic
  • Margarita
  • Get creative, you can’t go too wrong. Fruity is key!

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