heaven and hell party

Heaven and Hell party theme: Show off your inner devil or innocence


This college party theme is all about expressing that inner devil and just getting naughty or diving into that innocence. You’ll be amazed at who comes as what to your Heaven and Hell party as some people will really go all out in either direction! As always, this theme will require all party goers participation.

The Setup:

In order to set up a successful Heaven and Hell party theme; you must have at least two rooms that are themed for the party. You will decorate one as Heaven and one for Hell.

The more you go all out on this, the better experience your party will be. If you can have each themed area on different floors, it will only make more sense… For example, having Heaven themed area upstairs and your Hell themed area in the dark basement…

Heaven Room

The heaven room is thankfully fairly easy. You are going to want to gather as many white sheets, pillows, streamers, and everything else white that you get a hold of and put them all in the same room. If you have anything else that resembles clouds, also throw those around the room too.

If you want to go the extra mile, include black lights so there will be a glowing effect throughout the room.

Hell Room

If you can make this room black, then do it as your Hell room needs to appear as its the worst place ever; the darkest place ever! The lighting in this room should be almost near to nothing if not dark. You could get a red tint to your lights to provide a red glowing affect throughout the room.

Along with that, feel free to decorate your room with as much red items as you can. The more, the better.

Costume Ideas:

Often you will find people dressing in a variety of different costumes at a heaven and hell party. We suggest going all out though if you are looking to have one good time. That weird or amazing costume that you are wearing can and will be a conversation starter. Who knows where that could all lead…

Depending if you’re going down the angel route or the devil route, you will usually find the girls dressing as sexy as they can! You will see lots of halos, devils horns and skimpy dresses.

Depending on how much the party goers get into it; you might see people who have bought angel wings, horns and more.

Guys will usually throw on some pointy tails, possibly pitchforks and often just wear as much red as they can. Your goal is to be really creative and spark as many conversations as you can.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Depending if you are planning on offering alcohol, feel free to charge your party goers a small fee..
  • Make sure you have all your valuables locked away as this party theme is pretty spread out
  • Participation is key, don’t let your party goers attend if they aren’t willing to participate in the Heaven and Hell party.

Drink Ideas:

Your goal for this Heaven and Hell party theme is to color coordinate your drinks to the room that the drink is being served in! This will create a fun atmosphere that hopefully will make a unforgivable college party theme.

Heaven Drinks

  • Blue martinits
  • Blue Dolphin
  • Natty ice
  • White wine

Hell Drinks

  • Red cocktails
  • Jager
  • Red wine
  • Jungle juice

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