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Vampire Slayer Party Theme: Bring in the Blood Juices


Even if this party is still far-fetched from Halloween, you can still have your own vampire or vampire slayer themed party. With the rampant advertising that vampires are not that scary after all (*ahem twilight ahem*), you would expect that a lot of people would gladly try to look like actual vampires.

Furthermore, this theory that vampires are devilishly beautiful creatures adds the icing on the cake. Who wouldn’t want to look effortlessly beautiful and cool amidst your craving for blood?

As for the vampire hunters, they go against the idea of a bloodthirsty vampire living among the humans. They create all sorts of weaponry to kill the other kind. This party will be a test to who will continue to stand their ground: Are you a pro-vampire or anti-vampire?


Vampires are afraid of the light: Be sure to time your parties during the happy hour. Both pro and anti- Vampire decors and ideas are crazingly abundant from garlic and stakes to fake fangs and bloodied shirt. You can divide your room into two: a vampire’s room and a vampire slayer’s headquarters.

Vampire’s room: Use dark and long curtains to cover the windows and set up coffins as beds. You can also hang plastic candles and place cut-off body part around the area.

Vampire Slayer’s Headquarters: You would need to have lots of arms and stakes in sight. The room should be decorated with garlic and anything that’s silver. Keep a pail of Holy Water and anything that can ward off a vampire.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

Vampires: If you want the classic vampire look, buy a black cloak or cape, black slacks and a waiter’s attire. Apply a thick amount of foundation or powder and choose a bloody red lipstick. You can use gel to keep your hair slicked back. Don’t forget to bring your fangs.

The modern Vampire look would need clothes that are casual plus a scarf. You don’t want to expose too much of your pale skin. Makeup tricks are also needed to become that stunningly gorgeous vampire. Show a cool demeanor during the party.

Vampire Slayers: Jeans and a black leather jacket with a badass looking rifle is what you need. You can accessorize yourself with a cross or any silver ornaments because myths told us that silver has a lethal effect on vampires. You can also copy the look of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Blade.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Buy drinks that are blood red in color. You can select red wines but if your guests are looking for ways to pass out give them a chance and invest in hard alcoholic drinks.
  • You can use red paint and spray it over your guests. Vampires would love that.
  • You can also ask a few of the gorgeous vampire ladies to serve drinks for your guests. A little flirt session with the vampire hunters won’t hurt.

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