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Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game: How to play P’s and A’s


Are you looking for a game that multiple people can play? One that all you need is a deck of cards and some booze? Well, you’re in luck with this drinking game!

Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game is all about getting drunk and having a good time. It may take a bit to learn the basics of it, but you’ll be ready in no time!

With the winners being able to pick new rules, this game’s fun can be truly endless.


Note: Its better to have a large group of five or so people

  • Deck of playing cards
  • Hard liquor or preferably beer


First and foremost, remove all of the jokers from the deck of cards. We won’t be needing them for this game. Make sure you shuffle the deck really well and evenly deal out the cards to the players, face down.

The goal of this game is trying to get rid of all your cards before someone else does. Also, assign someone randomly to be the “asshole” for the round. You’ll learn more about this role soon below.


Presidents and Assholes is played by having Ace being the high card and 3 being the low card. 2’s will be able to clear the cards in the pile.

To start out, have someone place one of their lower cards out in the middle of the group. Keep in mind, you cannot solely play a 2 due to it being a clearing card. Once you place a card down, it will go to the next person to your left and they can play. They should play their next best lowest card in order to beat your card.

If they end up matching your card by number (and only by number), they will skip the next person who is about to play. This then repeats around the circle. Doubles (of any number) will also beat singles (of any number), and the suite of the card doesn’t matter in this game.

If someone plays a double, the next person must play another double that will beat the other person’s doubles. If no one can play, the asshole should clear the pile and the last person who played will be up next to play.

For example: If someone played a double 4, the next person has to have a double cards that are higher than a four and or a 2 to clear the pile. If you can’t play, you must drink and it will go to the next person in the circle. If no one can play, the pile should be cleared and the person who played the double 4 can then play again.

President’s Role:
The president is determined by who runs out of all their cards. With this, the game will continue until everyone runs out of cards and the asshole is determined. In the first initial round, the president will not be chosen until the end of the first round.

The president will be able to choose a rule for the following game. This rule can be anything; from having to drink when a double is played to drinking on a clear.

We usually stack the rules to 3 rounds and eliminate the earliest rule. As in, three president’s rules will all be used. Feel free to adjust this to the type of game that you are playing.

Asshole Role:
Asshole will be in charge of clearing the pile. If someone puts a two down, the asshole must clear it. If the asshole forgets that he must clear the pile, someone in the group can start counting off numbers until the asshole figures out they must clear the pile, which means how many drinks the asshole must drink (or gulps).

Following the end of the round, whoever is last becomes the asshole. Note: The first round, keep in mind; the asshole is randomly assigned. Don’t take the number thing too seriously as they obviously don’t deserve it..yet..

At the end of the game, its the Asshole’s duty to shuffle the cards and deal them out. Since they are the “asshole”, they can deal out as many cards as they want, to whoever. Keep in mind, if they only give someone two cards; they better hope they don’t have a 2 as they can’t either start or end with a 2 (2’s are meant to clear the deck). In short, this could either benefit the person or hurt them.

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