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Anti-Prom Party Theme: The #WeHateProm squad!


If you think frilly dresses and heavy makeup are not your thing then why not propose an Anti-Prom party? Invite your sororities and fraternities in your colleges so you can divide your guests into pairs. Their partners should be the complete opposite and not their crushes or college sweethearts.

You can even pair up girls with each other as well as guys (#bromance) with their fellow bros. Everything about this party is to go against the sweet and most awaited prom. So throw away your tux and gowns and bring out your jeans and shirt!


A fancy prom is usually decorated with pastel curtains, bright lamps, and fresh flowers. The scene is neat and formal and everyone’s wearing their best attires with their best manners upfront.

It’s time to discard that thought and go against that perfectly-planned prom. First off, we’ll start with the decorations.

Throw away those laces and silk fabrics you have and replace them with vandalized curtains or any shades that’s opposed to the feminine hue. Secondly, instead of fresh flowers, put wilted ones on their vases.

Thirdly, you can put graffiti on the walls (make sure it can be erase with a wet cloth or any cleanser) with “Prom is for the kids” or “Prom is Ugly”. You can also be direct with “I HATE Prom”.

You can change that slow romantic love songs they usually play at prom and change it with beats that’ll make you dance and party. Invest on speakers and play tracks that’ll get your guests to dance.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

Basically heels, gowns and tux or anything that’s elegant is a big X. Keep it simply anti-prom. Wear your favorite jeans and statement shirts that speak of your prom opposition.

Finish your look with your trusted sneakers. The girls can wear shorts and tank tops to the party. You can choose not to apply makeup or you can douse yourself with one to look like you’ve just cried your eyes out because you didn’t get your ideal date.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • As souvenirs, you can hand out “I hate Prom” pins and even put up anti-prom posters on the walls.
  • As oppose to the expensive wines you have at your high school prom, supply the party with dozens of beers, vodka, rum, and gin. Keep it classy while maintaining a boozefest mood.
  • Aside from the coutillion and all that prom stuff, it’s always the awards given at the end that matters. Who is going to be awarded as Prom king and Prom Queen? In an anti prom party, you can have a Q and A with your guests and the one who gives you the satisfying answer of the reasons why you hate prom will be awarded as the Anti Prom King and Anti Prom Queen.
  • By the way, you need to change those slow choreo moves into a flat-out rave dance with your collegemates.

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