Give or Take Drinking Game: Easy to follow guide

Give or take drinking game

Description Give or Take is a great game to play when you are already feeling it! Its main goal isn’t about drinking but more embarrassing and or saying the truths that people wouldn’t usually say when they are sober! In short, I wouldn’t play this starting off sober unless you …

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Learning How to Play Three Man Drinking Game

three man drinking game

Description: Learning how to play Three man drinking game is a fun, simple game to play for all party events! All you need is two nice and a table to roll them on. One single great party game indeed. Along with that, rules itself are easy to remember so when …

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Boxing Drinking Game: How to play Boxing Drinking game

boxing drinking game

For those looking for a Boxing Match Drinking Game (Such as the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao), check out our other post here! This is one simple game that will hit you fast! Just like a boxing match, you start with two people playing head to head. Description: How …

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