Tight and Bright Party Theme: Time To Rage

tight and bright themed party

Description: Let’s get real for a moment and admit that most people who attend parties in college aren’t looking for a sophisticated soirée. Deep (or not so deep) down what they really want (especially the guys), is to get aroused (or laid..) and buzzed in equal measure. It’s basically a …

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Hippie Party Theme: Flashback To The 70’s

hippie party theme

Description: Ah, the 70’s. Such a lovely time for America, wasn’t it? Casual drug use was in vogue (and smoking pot was the thing), women were becoming “sexually independent” *cough* slutty *cough* and Disco was the “Hip” music. Perhaps the most famous effect of the 70’s was the emergence of …

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Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes Party Theme

laywer bro and prison hoe party theme

Description: If a Murder themed party ends in finding who’s the culprit then a Lawyer Bros and Prison Hoes themed party ends in finding whose guilty for the crime. It merges both formality and informality at once: It is formal because seems like an actual criminal case while it’s also …

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