Kings Cup Drinking Game: Last With The Cup Drinks

kings cup drinking game

Description: Kings cup drinking game is a classic and also knows as just kings, Ring of Fire and even circle of death drinking game. This is one popular drinking game that you find at campuses throughout the nation. Its fairly simple too and doesn’t require too much. This game is …

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2016 Super Bowl Drinking Game: College Student Edition

super bowl drinking game

Description: Looking for a game that will keep everyone busy during the super bowl? Instead of just watching the commercials, make the whole evening one big drinking game! We created one simple super bowl drinking game that will definitely keep the night going! It’s not only be fun, it also …

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Flip cup drinking game: How to play Flippy Cup

flip cup drinking game

Description: Flip cup is one classic college drinking game that you will almost find anywhere. You could even go as far as to call it a classic. Flippy Cup Drinking Game is perfect for large amount of people and or big parties as it doesn’t require much to get going. …

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Baseball Drinking Game: Get the whole party involved

baseball drinking game pong

Description: Looking to learn how to play Baseball drinking game? Tired of the old beer pong games? This is one unique twist to a classic game. With Baseball drinking game, its actually really similar to regular pong except it as a baseball theme to it. It really turned out to …

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Fuck the Dealer – Rules and Directions – Drinking Games

fuck the dealer drinking game

Description: Fuck the Dealer Drinking Game is perfect for any laid back parties or the casual pregame. Best to be played with 3 to 8 or so people and will keep everyone going for hours! We usually whip out this game to start pregaming our next party hard and fast …

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Avalanche Drinking Game: Don’t get stuck drinking that cup

avalanche drinking game

Description: Avalanche is one college drinking game that is perfect when you have too many people yet everyone wants to play. With this game, you have no limits.. More the merrier! Equipment: Glasses to drink out of One six sided die Steady surface to play on Everyone must bring their …

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21 Drinking Game: How to Play 21 Drinking Game

21 drinking game

21 Drinking game description: Also known as Twenty One Drinking Game Stuck not having cards, dice, ping pong balls or even spare change and you still want to play that a drinking game? Well don’t worry as we have that solved for you! 21 drinking game is easily one that …

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Blackjack Drinking Game: How to play blackjack drinking game

blackjack drinking game

Description: Tired of regular blackjack and casual drinking? Looking for a fun drinking game that will get everyone going?? Blackjack drinking game is one game that will be impossible to forget. Equipment: Liquor or beer Deck of playing cards 3 or more players that are interested The Setup: Its essential …

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Beeramid Drinking game: How to play beeramid drinking game

how to play beeramid drinking game

Description: This college drinking game involves a lot of drinking. Don’t expect to just get tipsy off as you can really get messed up fast. This can be a really fun game with friends if you can pull off a lie or knowing who simply can’t. Equipment: Deck of playing …

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