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Box Party Theme: Time To Open Up That Box


College Party Themes are just getting weirder and weirder from the Dial 911 Baby theme to the incredulous Box Party. Yep, you heard me—it’s a box party! The gist of the party is to divide guests into groups and put them in rooms accordingly.

Inside the center of the room is a cardboard box and when your visitors, curious of what’s inside, opens the box in haste and Voila! They found beers, wines, and alcohols in assorted sizes. Sometimes they even contain party themes that will determine the rest of the night..

As the host of the party, you smile slyly at your guests and wave the key at their faces. With the element of surprise at your side, you slowly close the door and walk back to your room. You turn on the TV, rest your feet on the footstool and sigh at how your party is going to end.

So, what exactly is the gist? No leaving of the room unless everything’s finished up and everyone’s wasted.


This party theme is held indoors and if you’re holding the party in your college campus then you need to ask some of your friends to lend their room for one night. Just remember to clean up the mess after the party.

However, if you don’t want to bother your friends with your Box Party, then you need to find a large area where all your guests can fit in. You can use your room if you have a large space and use dividers to separate each group.

Personally, I won’t recommend using the divider setup as this would ruin the party because guests have the freedom to go in and out from their places making a quick escape possible.

We’ve seen some setups that have the box contain the evening party theme’s along with supplies that are required for that theme. If you are the host, feel free to ask your guests to show up in certain attire, and have the box finish off the theme with the actual supplies to get the night started.

Box Party Costumes Ideas:

A Box party doesn’t restrict you to wearing a specific kind of attire. In this kind of theme, you can wear anything; but just a tip, you shouldn’t wear your favorite clothes on because you might puke on them and worst, your friend might puke on you; and then someday you’re going to remember that shirt as the shirt that was pukened. Gross!

Nevertheless, you can add a twist to the party by wearing nothing but boxes. How to keep the boxes to cover you from head-to-toe? That’s up to you.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Put a drink that a particular someone doesn’t like and label it with his/her name. They have no choice. Besides, it’s your party and you’re just using your initiative to goof around.
  • Aside from the cardboard box, provide a water dispenser. Your guests might need some chasers from all that strong alcohol or maybe, they just want to drink water.
  • Since this a low-cost party, you can buy and set up hidden cameras in the area. While they’re locked in, you can watch from your TV the merrymaking fest your visitors are doing in the room.
  • You can ask some of your college friends to help you carry and return the guests to their respective dorms after they passed out.

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