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Golf Mixer Party Theme: Get a Drink & Score A Hole In One!


Have you ever tried playing golf? If not then; you must at least have an idea as to what the sport looks like. It has 3 basic requirements: a club, golf ball and a wide grassy area with a hole at the other side. So we thought.. Why not try to make a Golf Mixer Party Theme?

Because college party themes are a mix of this and that so we’ve come up a new party theme that follows the same ideal of a Golf sport and I’m sure you’re wondering..

Well..How is this different than any other party??

We use groups of people instead of a gold ball.

A Golf Mixer Party uses different rooms that act as a hole in a golf course. Each room has different drinks, ranging from mild to hard liquors. It can have a simple can of beer or the more sophisticated flavored vodka.

You should put the drinks in boxes: two boxes for the easy round and a half box or less for the hard ones. You will divide your guests into teams and each will take turns in entering the different rooms and the team that can finish up a whole box will get a score.


A Golf Mixer Themed Party doesn’t really require much as you would only invest your money on the booze. No efforts to be done on the decors as well.

You can spend the time while waiting for other teams to arrive by setting up a TV and watching movies until you’re party’s about to start.

This party would have to be held indoors because you’re going to need rooms: the rooms in your house if your parents are away or the dorm rooms. A maximum number of five rooms are good for 20-25 people.

I recommend you limit to five persons per team and it should be a combination of pros and newbie drinkers. You don’t want the experienced drinkers to gobble up your booze in a matter of a few hours while the beginners are just sipping the cans of beer.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

It’s better if you wear something that you don’t mind getting puked on. An old shirt or any one-time use attire you can get your hands on. If there is a specific outfit mentioned like Golf Sports attire, then you have no choice but to wear something white and blue.

A white skirt for gals and golf pants for guys with a colored short-sleeved polo on top is the typical apparel. You should wear sneakers for footwear and a visor for an authentic golfer look (even if there is no sun, but it’s really up to you though).

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • You can also give teams a colored flag or any tags you can use for identification purposes. We’re scoring real-time here and awards are given to the most passed out number of members?
  • Set your party after dinner so that everyone’s drinking on a full stomach.
  • Get a friend whose alcohol free to help your guests return to their dorms or if everyone’s had too much then just prepare couches. Well, that’s good because you have two parties now: the Golf Mixer and the Hangout Party.

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