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Draft a Date Party Theme: Are you my date?


When we say college parties, the first words that come to mind are “booze”, “loud”, and “noisy.” Even Grandpa and Grandma can really attest to that but you bet they also have had a few grand days during their time.

However, college parties are also a great way to play and confuse your date or dates for the night. Draft a Date Themed party is very different from your high school prom parties:

  • The girl gets to invite her date.
  • She will do this in secret by sending a handwritten message.
  • She doesn’t invite one guy but two guys for the party. So, are you ready to find out who’s your date?


A bar or a club will be the perfect setting for this draft a date party. It has booze and it has a dance floor for partying.

If you can’t rent a bar, your college grounds will do. This party can have two different themes applied to it:

  • You can set an army theme for the party because you are going to draft guys, instead of soldiers; some decors would be army flags, army boots or any battle gear (not the real ones).
  • OR you can have a football themed party because you are drafting your team.

Obviously the theme that you set your party on will change what attire and clothes you wear for this draft a date party.

Obviously music a is must, so better invest on large speakers for your party music or you can hire a DJ.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

This is a good get-together party for frats and sororities in your college. You’ll never run out of guys to pick for a date when you have a handsome number of fraternities involved.

Any outfit is deemed acceptable unless specific attire is stated like the army theme mentioned; just copy those military attires the soldiers wore during training.

The gals will have the opportunity to get skimpy and slutty for the night. Besides, they’re the ones who invited the guys so it’s better to look sexy when you’re choosing on two dates. An army crop top and army mini skirt is a surefire way to get guys to join on your draft list.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • To know who invited the guys, you can ask a girl to speak up on whom she invited for the night. Another way is to let the guy himself ask any girl in the room on whom she invited. But of course if the girl finds the guy good-looking then why would she say no? As what the theme says, you get to draft the guys.
  • Finger Foods are great choices for the party coupled with a red cup of beer.
  • The booze should not run out as the night goes on. It’s a new form of entertainment to watch guys get to know their date whilst maintaining their composure.
  • Get your guests to participate in the dance floor.
  • You can provide all sorts of games like shots, dance-offs, beer pongs, etc.
  • After everyone has found out who invited who, you can have show-offs between the guys and the best man gets to have the girl.

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