Card Drinking Games

Card Games have been played for years and loved by many. Obviously sometimes they aren’t for everyone, but everyone still seems to love them.

When combined with alcohol though, card drinking games are perfect to getting a drinking evening started or at least breaking that awkward start to a party.

For many, even the most popular drinking game is simply using cards. Heck, it could even beat out the classic beer pong too. Simply through together some of your friends and try to throw one of these drinking games together.

Before you start looking through all these games though, remember that you can change the rules as you like! More often than not, these card drinking games have been adapted and changed when you go from house to house.

Card Drinking Games for college though often will requre the players to play by the house rules that are set. Just so you end up not getting too messed up, make sure you know exactly what you are getting into as that ace may not always be the high card.

One of our favorite drinking games though is known as P’s and A’s or Presidents and Assholes. In our college and dorm room, we’ve ended up having it be a “go too” drinking game that we all love! Heck, add enough rules and you might not be able to remember much of the night!!