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You Are What You Drink Party: Time To Get Creative


Clothes make the man. You are what you eat. And apparently you are what you drink as well. Whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS! Probably also an alcoholic, but who cares.

It’s time to drink yourself into an early grave with the You Are What You Drink Party; where the name of the game is to dress up as the mascot of your favorite brand of social lubricant and beat the crap out of your liver.

Thought you’d never get to see Captain Morgan duke it out with Bud Man… well think again!


As always, your first decision will have to be the venue of the party, and more specifically if it’s going to be indoors or alfresco. This is one of those parties that will be light on the decorations, so either choice is fine.

Since this is a costume based party, there aren’t many variations to work with. But here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Décor: Whether outdoors or inside, this party theme doesn’t really lend itself to very many decoration ideas. The only thing that makes any sense at all would be to design the premises to look like a bar or pub. So if you’re the lazy kind of party planner, this is the theme for you!
  • Music: The jingles and advert theme songs of all the major alcohol brands would be the best choice. If not, then any pop or pop rock playlist should suffice.
  • Activities: Drinking games for the win! Every single clichéd or innovative drinking game you can think of is on the table for this party.
    • One fun rule you can impose to get your guests wasted is to insist that anyone who doesn’t yell the slogan/catchphrase of their chosen brand of alcohol whenever they take a swig/shot/chug/sip has to double up. And finally, you could screen those funny/banned alcohol commercial compilations that are so popular on YouTube.

You Are What You Drink Costume Ideas:

The costume selection for this party is fairly straightforward, if not always easy. Just pick your favorite brand of alcohol and dress up as their mascot to the best of your ability.

If it’s too challenging, then cheat and pick your second favorite instead.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • This party encourages your guests to get quite wasted. So do them a favor and keep their stuff safe in a locked drawer for its duration.
  • Even though this is a theme that celebrates and encourages alcohol intake, be on the lookout for those that go too far. Ambulance sirens are the most effective from of buzzkill known to man, after all.
  • Food doesn’t matter. Go for cheap chow and save your party budget for alcohol variety instead.

You Are What You Drink – Drink Ideas:

Anything and everything! This can be one party theme where you can readily inflict the BYOB rule upon your guests; in fact, it could even be part of their costumes. If you’ve got money to burn, however, get your invitees’ alcohol preferences beforehand and just cut loose.

This is the theme that celebrates drinking more than any other, so prepare to get shit-faced! And try not to think about all the puke you’re going to have to clean up in the morning.

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