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Crayons Party: Show off those true colors


Another misconception of a Crayons party in college is that you’re going to a party with big bright flowers plastered on the walls with rainbow colored cupcakes and attractive looking party hats.

You’re absolutely wrong! When we say college parties, it’s another new level of excitement, fun and mature moments with weird themes to follow and a Crayons party is just one of those examples.

You’re going to be dealing with colored drinks which makes the party ultra colorful. So invest on the booze and get ready for a colorful shindig.


Although a party as colorful as this should be held in a park or any outdoor area where the sun is shining bright, the grass is green, and the sky is blue. But the complete opposite is found in a college party where it’s best held indoors and the colors are found in what you drink.

A Crayons party doesn’t really need any decors but its main focus is on the booze itself. You can add some tidbits ornamentals here and there though like colored balloons, neon lights or anything that’s bold and flashy.

Of course, the music is also included in your list. You can either go for party music that will surely groove the night or you can play some background music while you and your friends are taking shots.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

A Crayons party won’t be complete if there’s no specific costume worn. You can group your guests and assign a specific color for the group.

You can even ask them to bring a drink that represents their color. At least as the host of the party, you can save a lot.

You can also give your guests to randomly pick any color they want (the disadvantage of this is that many people might wear the same color making your party a monochromatic one).

Don’t forget to remind them to wear something that has a specific or supposedly found in a Crayons box. You can let them be creative with their outfits like going for mismatched colors, splattered paints or any colorful ensemble they can think of.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • The booze and drinks is the lifeline of the party. You don’t have to worry if you chose light or hard liquor drinks because it won’t matter. You’re going to be looking at the colors of these drinks—be it bloody red, golden or dark violet. It’s going to be an assortment of colors and hues.
  • You can also provide fruit juices for a twist. Your guests will appreciate a break from all those alcoholic drinks.
  • A round robin kind of game is a good idea. In this way, the guests will each get a shot of the drinks you’ve prepared and everyone gets to participate too.
  • For food, you can provide colored snacks such as popcorn and you can put a name to it like bouncing poppies. Other names would be red velvet (too common, mysterious lavender, ghostly white and other adjective + color combination.

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