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Crush Party: Krush and Get Crushed


Do you remember that senior high guy you’ve got a major crush on? Well, your fairy tale with him turns out to be a one-sided.

Perhaps, he didn’t see the tactical moves or signs you’re showing off or worst, he probably isn’t interested in you. So now he’s living his dream and is now studying at a prestigious college while you’re still starting out baby steps with your college years.

On your first day, you saw a cute guy pass by and you know, that moment when everything just fades in the background and it’s just you and him in the scene. Girl, you’re dreaming!

Anyway, you found a new crush and it happens that the theme for this year’s acquaintance party is a Crush Themed Party. Sounds new? Here’s the thing:

The Process

You write down your top 3 crushes with the last number being your least crush. Write down the phone num/address of the crushes mentioned. You will put your list in a hat.

The person who took your list will be the one to invite your crush for the crush party and as an invitation, she will give him a Krush soda can along with informing him the date, time and place of the party.

If crush #1 isn’t available, then she’ll have to ask crush # 2 and so on and so forth. What’s exactly the fun part?

The person who wrote the list won’t know who of her three crushes are going to the party and that crush won’t know who invited him unless the person who wrote the letter confesses. Girls, prepare your cheesy romantic feels for the night.


It’s better if you hold the party at a room. At least, you only have a few spaces to look for if your crush did come over.

Since it’s a girls’ night then you should decorate the room with pink colors: Pink ribbons, pink cottons, Pink streamers, etc.

The guys won’t actually mind the decors because they came for the food. Who knows? We never know how a guy’s mind works. You can play a pop music or songs that we girls love to hear.

How about T. Swift’s songs? They’re always on a girl’s playlist.

Party Theme Costume Ideas:

Since the guys are going to be the guest of the party then they should wear outfits that’ll make a girl swoon. Take for example a long sleeved button-downs folded up until the elbows or a well-ironed polo shirt; those can boost a sex appeal. Girls like it when guys dress neatly.

If you want to confess to your long-time crush then you should wear something he won’t forget. Not one of those sheer and plunging necklines dresses. Sure, it’s an attention-grabber but you don’t want to look like a slut or playgirl. Wear something casual and comfortable. Floral and lace dresses are sweet and ladylike.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Avoid alcohol and bring out classy drinks: martinis, vodka or flavored juices.
  • Remind the guys to bring their Krush Soda can because that will serve as their gate pass.
  • If none of your crushes came, don’t worry! You have girlfriends and those crushes of yours might not be good for you at the moment. #PositiveVibes

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