blackjack drinking game
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Blackjack Drinking Game: How to play blackjack drinking game


Tired of regular blackjack and casual drinking? Looking for a fun drinking game that will get everyone going?? Blackjack drinking game is one game that will be impossible to forget.


  • Liquor or beer
  • Deck of playing cards
  • 3 or more players that are interested

The Setup:

Its essential that you at least understand the general idea of blackjack to play this drinking game. Basically, this is just like any other game of blackjack except cards are worth their actual numbers and in blackjack drinking game; obviously there will be much drinking.. For example of card values:

  • Nines worth nines
  • Eights worth eights
  • Face cards worth ten
  • Aces either being one or eleven


The main goal of this blackjack drinking game is to reach 21. Along with that, the dealer will always past to the left and must hit on 17 & freeze when their on 18.

The following are the drinking rules for the game:

  1. If there is a bust, the player must drink
  2. If one of the players gets a blackjack, everyone except the player who got it must drink.
  3. If a player builds to 21, they get to choose who drinks.
  4. Whoever wins the hand picks who has to drink assuming no one builds up to 21

Once the original dealer reaches the deck again, without a doubt you and everyone else will be pretty messed up. Heck, you might end up seeing doubles or triples.

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