viking drinking game
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Viking Drinking Game – Directions and Rules


Easy game to play that requires little to no supplies. Simply have enough people to play this drinking game and you’ll be ready to go!


  • 5 or more people (more the merrier)
  • Enough beer to last the night


Thankfully this drinking game doesn’t require too much of a set up, simply have everyone start off siting in a circle and declaring one the “Master” for Viking Drinking Game.


Viking Drinking Game doesn’t have too many rules but it has to start off with the following:

  • The Viking Master will start the game by placing their hands on the side of their head, just like if they were a moose and waves them around.
  • The person who is left of the Master will act if they have a oar in their hands and they will act out paddling.
  • The person who is right of the Master will also act like they have a oar in their hands except they will only paddle on their right side.
  • The people around the viking Master need to remember that they must only paddle on the opposite side of the viking Master.

After this, the viking Master has two options. They can either do:

  • Point at someone and they will then become the Viking Master; forcing them to raise their hands and the people along side him have to start paddling & following the rules listed above.
  • Switch it up and will start paddling. If they switch it up and is paddling on the left side, the person who is on the right then becomes the Viking Master, and the person who is now on the right of the Viking Master has to start padding

This will be repeated until someone ends up messing up. The person who messes up must drink 5 times. The person who messed up will also become the new Viking Master.

If you have a big group and you’re trying to play viking drinking game, you can add in other things like dolphin (requires people on the right and left to wave at the passing dolphins).

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