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AnimaL Drinking Game: You Can’t Keep Up


AnimaL Drinking Game really isn’t that hard to figure out once you get the hang of it and often perfect for those large groups. This drinking game requires some quick thinking so if you’re not the quickest thinker; this game might not be for you!


  • Favorite Hard Liquor or Beer
  • 3 more people willing to play


Everyone who is willing to play has to sit around in a circle and someone needs to start by saying a animal. Following that, it’ll start going around clockwise and people have to say a AnimaL that ended with the last letter in the animal that the person said before them. Sounds confusing, but here’s a example:

1st Person: Dog
2nd Person: Goose
3rd Person: Elephant
4th Person: Tiger
etc etc


You can’t say the same thing twice. For instance with AnimaL drinking game, you can’t say a dog and then a Golden Retriever as they both are essentially the same animal. You could however say bird and eagle as they are completely different species.

With that in mind, there has to be some drinking rules for the people who can’t keep up:

  • If/once a player can’t think of any other animals or ends up using one already been said, they must take a shot or take 2 drinks.
  • If player ends up with 6 shots or 12 drinks, they are out of the game/round.
  • Whoever can continue the longest and be the last one is the winner!

And finally, if one of the players brings up a animal that is questionable.. Simply just bring it up to a vote.

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