indian poker drinking game
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Indian Poker Drinking Game


Indian Poker Drinking Game is a very easy to play game that only requires one card. Easily something you might want to play to finish off the night. We’ve played it for hours and it not only is fun, but can get you messed up too. Just make sure you don’t end up with anything higher than the winner, or you’ll end up pretty messed up!


  • Deck of playing cards
  • Best played with 4-12 players
  • Enough Beer for the night

Set Up:

Indian poker drinking game requires a dealer to pass out cards to every player. Make sure the players don’t look at their card and they then have to stick it on their forehead or hold it there, face side out.


Once all the cards are dealed out, players must then decide if they want to stay in the game or fold their hand (Starts with the first player that is to the left of the dealer). Once players figure out if they want to stay, everyone will then look at their card.

The player with the highest card will win the round and won’t have to drink.

For the players that folded and didn’t win

  • If one of the players folded and had a lower card then the winner, they have to take 2 drinks.
  • If a player folded and has a card that is higher than they winner; they have to drink the value of their card. For example, if the winner had a 10 and you had a king; you have to 12 times.

For players that stayed in the round and didn’t fold

  • If they stated in the game and didn’t fold but still lost, they have to drink the difference between their card and the winners card.

Thats it! Hopefully you will enjoy playing Indian Poker Drinking Game and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to remember the night! Drink on!

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