chutes and ladders drinking game
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Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game


Are you tired of those complicated drinking games? Not sure what to try next? Well your in luck! Just try turning a classic into a drinking game: Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game. Its simple and perfect for those nights where you are just looking to have a good time! We’ve played countless hours already with this game and we decided its time to share it out to the world! Don’t miss out on this version of Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game!


  • Chutes and Ladders Board Game
  • Tokens (1 for every player)
  • 1 Die
  • At least 2 cases of beer, more the merrier!


First find a area that you can play the Chutes and Ladders drinking game. The ideal area would be on a steady surface such as a table. Before we start playing, lets get some rules out of the way first so you can start the game:

  1. Everyone must roll the dice to determine who plays first. The player who rolls the nighest number will go first. If there happens to be a tie though, the tied players will reroll and continue until there isn’t a tie. In any future games other than the first, the player who wins each game will play first.
  2. First, everyone will place the tokens (playing piece) to the left of the starting square. The player who was determined to go first will roll to see how many places they should move. Proceed in a clockwise direction after that, giving everyone a chance to roll.

The Rules:

Now here comes the gameplay and rules for Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game.

  1. If a player reaches the bottom of any ladder, they may move their piece to the top of that ladder. Depending on how many levels the ladder clears though, the rest of the players (except the player who rolled) must drink that many drinks/shots.
  2. When a player reaches the top of any chute, they must move their piece to the bottom of the chute. The player then has to drink as many drinks/shots as they have fallen.
  3. If a player lands on a place that another player is already on, it results in a social and everyone needs to take a drink.
  4. If a player lands on the slide that is at the spot 56, everyone must shotgun a beer or pull out a beer bong and drink fast as possible.

Ending Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game

  • Once a player reaches the “Winner’s circle” in Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game, they have to roll the exact number of spots to reach the square 100. If don’t get the exact number though, you will have to drink the difference that you have overrolled. For example, your on spot 99 and roll a 5; you will have to drink 4 drinks.
  • A player can win automatically though by landing on square 80 which in the “Pet Show”.
  • Once a player hits the “Winner’s Circle”, they remaining players must drink the number of levels that they are below the top. After that, the gameplay will continue for the second, third and four place. For example, being on spot 55 would require 4 drinks.

Optional Rules for Playing Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game
These are simply optional rules and you can simply use your own rules if you would like. Feel free to modify to change these to your liking.

  1. You can make the chute 56, the shot chute! Or requiring people to either shotgun a beer or use a beer bong.
  2. Cheating is allowed unless the player ends up getting caught. If the player is caught, they must either drink twice or take 2 shots. Along with that, they must take drinks for how many extra players they’ve moved.
  3. If the die is rolled off the board, the player who rolled it off must take a drink. If a player ends up not being able to find their piece, they must also take one drink.
  4. Feel free to use mixed drinks/hard liquor and only take as much as you feel is equal to one drink from a beer.

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