5 in 1 drinking game
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5 in 1 Drinking Game: Getting that wasted night started


This game is designed for a bigger group and can easily get you messed up if you’re having one unlucky day! Its all based on what cards you get along with the luck of the draw! Essentially, this is a big game of “riding the bus drinking game. 5 in 1 drinking game is easily one game that will get your wasted night started.


  • You’ll need at least two people
  • Beer
  • Deck of cards

The Setup:

5 in 1 drinking game is a fairly straight forward set up, only requiring a place to play… Simply a table or even the floor would work out just fine.


Make sure you shuffle the deck of cards so they are completely random.

You need to first set up two rows of 5 cards for each player. You will then ask these questions and repeat them until they move up all of lines of cards. If they guess wrong, they have to start from the beginning and just pull cards from the pile to replace the already guessed cards.

  1. Ask every player if they want to be red or black. If they guess the card right, they don’t have to drink. If they happen to guess wrong, they are stuck having to drink the value of the card.
  2. For this round, ask every player; Higher or lower? If they are right, they don’t have to drink. If they are wrong, they have to drink the value of the card.
  3. Ask each player; In or out? If they guess the right number between the two cards they had, they don’t have to drink. If they guess them wrong, they need to drink the difference of the two cards.

Repeat these rules for all 10 cards if the player gets more then 3 correct in a row. If they get them all right, they win. Perfect for any dorm room or small apartment at college. 5 in 1 drinking game will create one unforgivable night.

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