Monopoly Drinking Game: Easy To Follow Guide

monopoly drinking game

Description: We’ve decided to throw out those classic board game rules and turn them into something that is 10x more fun: Drinkng! You got it! Monopoly Drinking Game thankfully doesn’t take too much to change it into a fun drinking game that is perfect for any casual get together. Lets …

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Quarters Drinking Game: Easy To Follow Guide

quarters drinking game

Description: Quarters Drinking Game is quite simply and doesn’t require much to even play. All it takes is a few players to bounce a quarter off a table and try to land a quarter in a shotglass. This game is popular at any college or small party get together. It …

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Kings Cup Drinking Game: Last With The Cup Drinks

kings cup drinking game

Description: Kings cup drinking game is a classic and also knows as just kings, Ring of Fire and even circle of death drinking game. This is one popular drinking game that you find at campuses throughout the nation. Its fairly simple too and doesn’t require too much. This game is …

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2016 Super Bowl Drinking Game: College Student Edition

super bowl drinking game

Description: Looking for a game that will keep everyone busy during the super bowl? Instead of just watching the commercials, make the whole evening one big drinking game! We created one simple super bowl drinking game that will definitely keep the night going! It’s not only be fun, it also …

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