Jenga Drinking Game

jenga drinking game

Think you’re good at Jenga? Yeah, maybe you were the household champion against your home town friends and relatives…when you were sober. Now your adults, in college, and it’s time to put on your adult pants and spice this classic up with some drinking. Description: Simply turning a old school …

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Depth Charge Drinking Game

depth charge drinking game

Description: This drinking game is fairly straight forward and easy to play. Perfect if you are looking for a game that will get you either messed up or something with a extremely easy set up! Sometimes called sink the battleship too. Equipment: Large amount of beer Pint glass Shot glass …

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Chandelier Drinking Game: Flip Cup and Beer Pong Combined

Chandelier Drinking game

Description: Flip cup or “flippy cup” is often played around university and I’m sure yours too. This is essentially just a variation of that famous game! If you’re looking for something that is a little different from your normal drinking games, Chandelier Drinking Game is for you! Equipment: Pong Ball …

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