Beer 99 Drinking Game: How to play beer 99 drinking game

beer 99 drinking game

Description: Sadly, this college drinking game may require quite a bit of math but it’s a great time once you get everything down. Beer 99 drinking game is fairly straight forward and easy long as you have a elementary education. Equipment: Beer or hard liquor depending on how bad you …

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Crazy Eights Drinking Game

crazy eights drinking game

Description: Crazy Eights drinking game is a fairly straight forward game that is easy to play. Its fairly similar to the game Uno and your goal is to get rid of all your cards before your opponents. Equipment: 4 or more people Preferably beer Deck of playing cards The Setup: …

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5 in 1 Drinking Game: Getting that wasted night started

5 in 1 drinking game

Description: This game is designed for a bigger group and can easily get you messed up if you’re having one unlucky day! Its all based on what cards you get along with the luck of the draw! Essentially, this is a big game of “riding the bus drinking game. 5 …

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NBA Drinking game: National Basketball Association

nba drinking game

Description: You will find this college drinking game coming in two different styles: The first stile is fast paced and where the drinking system is based on points that are scored and is goes along best with beer. The second style allows for more time in between your drinking and …

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