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By Player

Lets be real, not all drinking games are built for every event. With this in mind, we decided to break down each game to help you find exactly what you are looking for by how many people are willing to play!

Below, we have selected some of the best drinking games that you can play with only two, three, four, five, six or even more people or players! Just click on one of the links and it’ll bring you towards your next favorite drinking games!

Speed Bump Drinking Game

speed bump drinking game

Description: Speed Bump Drinking Game is a easy one person card drinking game that everyone should use to get their night started! Thankfully though, its also a fairly simple game too. This is a variation …

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Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game

chutes and ladders drinking game

Description: Are you tired of those complicated drinking games? Not sure what to try next? Well your in luck! Just try turning a classic into a drinking game: Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game. Its simple …

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Indian Poker Drinking Game

indian poker drinking game

Description: Indian Poker Drinking Game is a very easy to play game that only requires one card. Easily something you might want to play to finish off the night. We’ve played it for hours and …

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Frisbee Drinking Game

frisbee drinking game

There are often multiple variations of frisbee drinking game. Feel free to play as you like but we have included most common rules and techniques! Description: Frisbee drinking game will require a little bit more …

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Caps Drinking Game

caps drinking game

Description: This drinking game is easily a game that can be played with multiple people along with requiring little to no supplies to start! Simply reuse those extra beer caps and you’ll be ready to …

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Cornhole Drinking Game

Cornhole is classic game that’s almost considered a classic. Not only that, its a great game to play while drinking. The real question though, why not make it a drinking game too? Here are some …

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