Card Drinking Games

Card Games have been played for years and loved by many. Obviously sometimes they aren’t for everyone, but everyone still seems to love them.

When combined with alcohol though, card drinking games are perfect to getting a drinking evening started or at least breaking that awkward start to a party.

For many, even the most popular drinking game is simply using cards. Heck, it could even beat out the classic beer pong too. Simply through together some of your friends and try to throw one of these drinking games together.

Before you start looking through all these games though, remember that you can change the rules as you like! More often than not, these card drinking games have been adapted and changed when you go from house to house.

Card Drinking Games for college though often will requre the players to play by the house rules that are set. Just so you end up not getting too messed up, make sure you know exactly what you are getting into as that ace may not always be the high card.

One of our favorite drinking games though is known as P’s and A’s or Presidents and Assholes. In our college and dorm room, we’ve ended up having it be a “go too” drinking game that we all love! Heck, add enough rules and you might not be able to remember much of the night!!

Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game: How to play P’s and A’s

presidents and assholes

Description: Are you looking for a game that multiple people can play? One that all you need is a deck of cards and some booze? Well, you’re in luck with this drinking game! Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game is all about getting drunk and having a good time. It may …

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Speed Bump Drinking Game

speed bump drinking game

Description: Speed Bump Drinking Game is a easy one person card drinking game that everyone should use to get their night started! Thankfully though, its also a fairly simple game too. This is a variation of ride the bus drinking game too. Equipment: Deck of Cards Shot Glass Favorite Hard …

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Indian Poker Drinking Game

indian poker drinking game

Description: Indian Poker Drinking Game is a very easy to play game that only requires one card. Easily something you might want to play to finish off the night. We’ve played it for hours and it not only is fun, but can get you messed up too. Just make sure …

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Kings Cup Drinking Game: Last With The Cup Drinks

kings cup drinking game

Description: Kings cup drinking game is a classic and also knows as just kings, Ring of Fire and even circle of death drinking game. This is one popular drinking game that you find at campuses throughout the nation. Its fairly simple too and doesn’t require too much. This game is …

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Fuck the Dealer – Rules and Directions – Drinking Games

fuck the dealer drinking game

Description: Fuck the Dealer Drinking Game is perfect for any laid back parties or the casual pregame. Best to be played with 3 to 8 or so people and will keep everyone going for hours! We usually whip out this game to start pregaming our next party hard and fast …

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Blackjack Drinking Game: How to play blackjack drinking game

blackjack drinking game

Description: Tired of regular blackjack and casual drinking? Looking for a fun drinking game that will get everyone going?? Blackjack drinking game is one game that will be impossible to forget. Equipment: Liquor or beer Deck of playing cards 3 or more players that are interested The Setup: Its essential …

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Beeramid Drinking game: How to play beeramid drinking game

how to play beeramid drinking game

Description: This college drinking game involves a lot of drinking. Don’t expect to just get tipsy off as you can really get messed up fast. This can be a really fun game with friends if you can pull off a lie or knowing who simply can’t. Equipment: Deck of playing …

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Beer Hearts Drinking Game

Beer Hearts Drinking Game

Description: If you have played hearts before, this game is quite similar! This simply adds drinking ideas to do along side the game. Equipment: Beer 4 people Deck of cards and be sure to take out the jokers The Setup: If you are familiar with hearts, then go to the …

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Beer Blow Drinking Game: How to play beer blow drinking game

beer blow drinking game

Description: Think you’re a good blower? Have that friend that may be a good beer blow? Give this college drinking game a shot and see who can control their blow! Beer blow is one interesting game that will show some of those hidden talents of your friends.. Equipment: Beer Deck …

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Beer 99 Drinking Game: How to play beer 99 drinking game

beer 99 drinking game

Description: Sadly, this college drinking game may require quite a bit of math but it’s a great time once you get everything down. Beer 99 drinking game is fairly straight forward and easy long as you have a elementary education. Equipment: Beer or hard liquor depending on how bad you …

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