Drinking Games

Welcome to our College Drinking Games section. Lets be real here, if you haven’t played a drinking game before; you haven’t been to college. Most if not all parties will start or end with a drinking game that you gotta learn! Don’t be that looser sitting in the corner not knowing what to play! Hopefully one of these College Party Games will be your next favorite.

We’re here to help you figure out these challenging games though. Here you will find all of our games neatly organized in different categories; check them out!

Think our drinking games aren’t good enough or did we miss one? Feel free to describe it over here using our Drinking Game Submission. Don’t let everyone else suffer by not knowing your favorite game!

Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game: How to play P’s and A’s

presidents and assholes

Description: Are you looking for a game that multiple people can play? One that all you need is a deck of cards and some booze? Well, you’re in luck with this drinking game! Presidents and Assholes Drinking Game is all about getting drunk and having a good time. It may …

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Boxing Drinking Game: Perfect For That Boxing Match!

boxing match drinking game

More often than not, you won’t be playing a drinking game for Boxing.. But if you’re looking for one, we have you covered. We plan on using this drinking game for the upcoming Manny and Floyd Boxing Match.. May the best drinker win! Scroll down for the Mayweather/Pacquiao Drinking Game …

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AnimaL Drinking Game: You Can’t Keep Up

animal drinking game

Description: AnimaL Drinking Game really isn’t that hard to figure out once you get the hang of it and often perfect for those large groups. This drinking game requires some quick thinking so if you’re not the quickest thinker; this game might not be for you! Equipment: Favorite Hard Liquor …

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Speed Bump Drinking Game

speed bump drinking game

Description: Speed Bump Drinking Game is a easy one person card drinking game that everyone should use to get their night started! Thankfully though, its also a fairly simple game too. This is a variation of ride the bus drinking game too. Equipment: Deck of Cards Shot Glass Favorite Hard …

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Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game

chutes and ladders drinking game

Description: Are you tired of those complicated drinking games? Not sure what to try next? Well your in luck! Just try turning a classic into a drinking game: Chutes and Ladders Drinking Game. Its simple and perfect for those nights where you are just looking to have a good time! …

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Viking Drinking Game – Directions and Rules

viking drinking game

Description: Easy game to play that requires little to no supplies. Simply have enough people to play this drinking game and you’ll be ready to go! Equipment: 5 or more people (more the merrier) Enough beer to last the night Setup: Thankfully this drinking game doesn’t require too much of …

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Indian Poker Drinking Game

indian poker drinking game

Description: Indian Poker Drinking Game is a very easy to play game that only requires one card. Easily something you might want to play to finish off the night. We’ve played it for hours and it not only is fun, but can get you messed up too. Just make sure …

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Frisbee Drinking Game

frisbee drinking game

There are often multiple variations of frisbee drinking game. Feel free to play as you like but we have included most common rules and techniques! Description: Frisbee drinking game will require a little bit more set up compared to normal drinking games. At the same time though, once you set …

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Caps Drinking Game

caps drinking game

Description: This drinking game is easily a game that can be played with multiple people along with requiring little to no supplies to start! Simply reuse those extra beer caps and you’ll be ready to play this drinking game! Equipment: Lots of bottle caps (More the better) At least 2 …

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