lifeguard bros and surfer hoes
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Lifeguard Bros and Surfer Hoes: Can you handle it?


Ah, a summer-time trip to the beach! What could possibly be more exciting than the idea of cooling off in the refreshing salty sea on a hot sweaty day? Why, doing the same exact thing when surrounded by lithe lifeguards and sexy surfers, of course!

This party theme is one that leaves nothing to the imagination; so get ready to show off all the effort you’ve put into that body and ride those waves like there’s no tomorrow, cuz life’s a beach and then you drown!

We’ve seen this Lifeguard Bros and Surfer Hoes part theme get pretty crazy though, even to the point of having a fraternities backyard filed with tons upon tons of sand. Get creative as this is easily a theme that can go down in the record books!


As with many other party themes, the first and most important decision is the venue, more specifically whether the party is to take place indoors or outside.

I think the Lifeguard Bros and Surfer Hoes theme speaks for itself in this regard; you more or less have to hold this thing at the beach. Well, that’s not exactly true, but it would make the party a heck of a lot more fun and memorable.

Since this is a costume based party (more or less), there aren’t really many variations to work with. But here are some things you should keep in mind when throwing this party:

  • Décor:
  • If you’re actually hosting this shindig at the beach and your guests stay true to the theme, then you’ll have next to nothing left to do as far as decorations go. One of the coolest aspects of this Lifeguard Bros and Surfer Hoes though is this part of the theme. Try to incorporate the beach the best you can!

    If you’re doing this inside though, then go rent a few surfboards (purely ornamental, of course) and high chairs. I mean, you’ve seen Baywatch, just take your cues from that show.

  • Music:
  • Any stereotypical beach music and of course, the Baywatch theme. You absolutely must not forego the Baywatch theme. You can easily just throw on some dancing music too.

  • Activities:
  • If you’re at the beach, then you may as well take advantage of the sun, sand and sea. Go ahead and set up a volley-ball net and have a few friendly games. Pretend that some of your surfer guests need to be rescued by the ones dressed as lifeguards. Rent a few surfboards if that’s your thing.

    You really can’t go wrong when planning activities at the beach; it’s a venue that’s fun almost by default. Now if you’re holding this theme indoors (why?) then just ogle the skimpier outfits on display. You could also screen a couple of Baywatch episodes; they’re way more fun to watch when tipsy!

    We highly recommend having a dance area though or at least a place where people can get their freak on at your Lifeguard Bros and Surfer Hoes Party Theme.

Costume Ideas:

Once again, take your cues from Baywatch! That show drove home what people as the beach should look like (or what they should dress like, anyway). Red shorts or swim trucks for the guys and either one piece swimsuits. Heck, this might even be the time for the guys to whip out those banana hammock they’ve been hiding.

For the girls, this is your time to get a little sexy! Get out your favorite two piece and flaunt your stuff. One or two piece swim suits are certainly fine and will be a perfect outfit for this theme.

Full body wetsuits are also fine. If you’re not comfortable or confident enough to display your not-at-all-Pamela-esque body like that, then just go with traditional but conservative beach wear. It’s cheating but nobody is going to do anything about it.

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • If you’re at the beach and planning to get into the water, make sure to play it safe and keep an eye on all your guests, especially if they’re drinking. You don’t want anyone to drown, do you?
  • Take special care to obtain all the permissions that you need before you commit to a beach venue. I mean, it could be dangerous to dress too much like the real lifeguards on duty. And some beaches do not allow food or drink. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast.
  • Make sure you note exactly when the beach closes. You do not want an early end to your party, after all.
  • Clean up after your party, as annoying as it might be to do so.
  • Sunblock, plenty of sunblock. Do you really need me to tell you why?
  • Keep the food light, especially if you’re planning to host activities in the water or even just swimming. Keep the booze light too, for that matter.
  • If you really want, get some drinking games out to use at the beach.

Drinks Ideas:

No drinking on duty! I’m kidding of course, but you should still keep the libations to a minimum; nothing too strong at least to start with.

You can bust out the serious booze once your water-based activities have drawn to a close. Cold beers and fruity cocktails would be ideal for a hot summer beach party, which is essentially what you’re throwing with this theme.

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