Fifth and a Friend Theme Party
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Fifth and a Friend Party Theme: Boy oh Boy, Get Ready


We’ve heard of a lot of great party themes, but we haven’t heard of this one before until recently. The party theme will require all things great in a night: a fifth of your favorite drank, a friend and some zip ties.. Yes, I said zip ties.


This party theme will require everyone to be paired up. Sometimes this may work better by having couples put together, but I feel that using a more random approach will get better results.

With this in mind, write everyone’s name down on a piece of paper prior to the party and split them into two groups: Guys and Girls. Following this, start pulling out who would be pairs for the night. Make sure you notify everyone who is paired so they can pick the type of liquor that they want.

Finally, its time for the party! Each pair of friends will be zip tied together for the duration of the party, until they finish their fifth of booze. Yes, they cannot take these off until the drink is gone. Even if your partner requires a bathroom break.

Feel free to mix the fifth with whatever booze you ended up buying too. No one enjoys drinking any decently proof booze straight.

Costume Ideas:

Depending on the time of the year, you can get fairly creative with costume ideas for Fifth and a Friend Party Theme. We’re planning on throwing one soon, around Halloween; therefore this may be a perfect time to dress up with your partner and wear a couples costume of some sort.

Heck, you can even get creative and get matching shirts or something… You get the idea, I’ll stop rambling.

Warnings and Tips:

  • Sometimes you may want to rig the couples, unless you want one partner having to compensate for the other
  • Couples shouldn’t always be couples
  • Don’t invite people that will think this is too weird, relax and have fun
  • Each pair should bring their own booze, but the “host” should provide the zip ties

Drink Recipes:

I wouldn’t bother making any drinks for this party. A fifth between a pair; girl and a guy should be enough for a decent buzz plus a little pregaming and or post gaming.. Just make sure you pick a decent proof for the booze, otherwise you’ll be that lame couples in the corner that finished off their UV blue in record time..

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