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Construction Night Party Theme: Get Screwed or Get Hammered


The construction night party theme is a unique opportunity to “build” a fun-filled evening and, even more importantly, some new friendships. This could be the perfect opportunity for your party goers to meet a “special someone” and carry on the fun well after the party ends. (Which hopefully won’t be until late; you don’t want people leaving early!).

Sometimes people also call this party theme: Get Screwed or Get Hammered too. Often party themes will go with different names from college to college or well… party to party!


Setting up for a construction night party theme will be bucket loads of fun! You are going to want to make your party venue look like as much like a serious construction site as possible. Some barricades, street signs, and other assorted construction-related décor will go a long way towards setting the stage for this great party.

If you have the right contacts, you may even be able to get some pieces of equipment parked outside your venue.

If you have a large venue with overhead doors, you may even be able to get some construction equipment parked inside! Think about how cool a bob cat or cement mixer would be at your construction night party theme.. Just saying!

Some large spotlights would add to the effect. If you turn the lights in your venue off and make the spotlights your only lighting, it will make your theme that much more convincing! Depending on the crowd and music, you could add some strobes as well. Make sure to distribute the yellow and black caution tape liberally throughout your venue, as your construction night party theme will be so much fun that it’s hazardous.

Costume Ideas:

The costume for the construction night party theme should be fairly obvious. Jeans, reflective vests, hard hats, and tool belts should be fairly simple to come by. This party theme doesn’t leave as much room for creative license as some others, but if done right, it can lead to a long night of sexy fun!

If your lady construction workers don’t want to be overdressed for how hot this party is going to be, then cutoff jeans are a great option. Besides…if you’re wearing a reflective construction vest, is there really a need for a shirt underneath? Just take it right off! Less is more at any college party theme!

Party Warnings and Tips:

  • Many of the construction workers who attend your construction night party theme will likely have some sort of hand tools or power tools as part of their costumes. This is fine, and it definitely adds to the effect! However, if things get out of hand, this could lead to problems after enough construction fuel is consumed through the course of the night.
  • Keep an eye on things! You don’t want to see any of your attendees using a hammer for the wrong purpose.
  • Try to keep everyone focused on a delightful evening of sexy fun-filled action, and hammering each other should be the furthest thing from their minds!
  • (If you set things up right, though, some of your attendees may seem reminiscent of another tool by the end of the evening…)


What’s the first drink that comes to mind when you think of construction and tools? The screwdriver! Have an ample supply of orange juice and vodka on hand, as the themed drink for the party. Of course, a classic keg will also satisfy all of your construction workers too.

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