Vocal Drinking Games

Already sipping on a drink? Well, you’re in luck but you just need to use that voice too. Our Vocal Drinking Games are easy to follow and will get the whole group involved. Heck, even those quiet people unless they are planning on getting smashed! Most of our Drinking Games though are easy to follow, but you can easily modify them if you want for your group.

Some of our Drinking Games, players will have the option of yelling out certain words or things to say such as “Asshole” or if someone can’t rush to the wall fast enough; they must drink. It really can get competitive and interesting as the night goes on…

One of our favorite Vocal Drinking Games to play is Zoomy Zoomy Drinking Game and its all about trying to memorize and keep with the rhyme. If you can’t memorize well or keep a beat, you’re going to be in for a rough ride with this Vocal Drinking Game

So take a shot at some of these Vocal Drinking Games below and see if you’re up to the challenge!