super bowl drinking game
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2016 Super Bowl Drinking Game: College Student Edition


Looking for a game that will keep everyone busy during the super bowl? Instead of just watching the commercials, make the whole evening one big drinking game! We created one simple super bowl drinking game that will definitely keep the night going! It’s not only be fun, it also has quite a bit of drinking involved.. What could be better?

The Setup:

With super bowl drinking game, everyone in the party has to pick a side for the game and have a little hope that their team will pull through! Unless they just want to get messed up and barely remember their night..


You take a drink every time your team:

  • Lost yards on a play by getting sacked or fumble etc
  • Commits a penalty of any kind.. If the team ends up declining the penalty, you drink again
  • Has a timeout
  • A big play occurs that is more than ten yards
  • The other team ends up getting a field goal, safety or any sort of extra points
  • If the other team ends up returning the kickoff past the thirty yard line
  • If your own team doesn’t return the kickoff past the twenty yard line
  • Punter returns a kick off for a fair catch
  • Ends up losing a onside kick

You have to drink for five seconds if:

  • The other team gets a touchdown
  • Your team gets or gives a turnover
  • your team loses a challenge
  • A kick is blocked

Everyone drinks when:

  • The announcers agree that the refs have made a bad call
  • A horrible commercial comes up that just sucks

With this super bowl drinking game, its really easy to put your own modifications thrown in. In particular though, this game is fairly well set up.. Other than a few rule changes, I wouldn’t change too much though as it works out pretty well for a few reasons:

  1. Everyone has to pick a team and hope they win
  2. Every action in the game has a drinking end
  3. Since there is a drinking consequence to all the plays, everyone has to pay attention to the super bowl game
  4. If someone doesn’t know how to play, they have to force themselves to learn a thing or two..
  5. Its a fairly easy to remember the rules and its simple. Once the drinking games get too complicated, they simply just aren’t that much fun

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