nba drinking game
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NBA Drinking game: National Basketball Association


You will find this college drinking game coming in two different styles: The first stile is fast paced and where the drinking system is based on points that are scored and is goes along best with beer. The second style allows for more time in between your drinking and can easily be played with hard liquor. Obviously you can adapt this game to your own rules and create your own NBA drinking game.


  • Obviously something to watch the basketball game on
  • Beer or liquor depending on how you set it up

The Setup:

Hop on that couch and start watching whatever NBA game that you feel like watching. Pull out your beer of choice, or that hard liquor and your favorite shot glass.


There is always just something entertaining with sitting on the couch and drinking booze while watching your favorite team. One unique feature about the NBA is that is one fast paced, scoring game thus makes it NBA drinking game incredibly fun. With all the moves, you might end up drinking a little more then you were planning!

With this NBA drinking game, we are gonna bet on who’s gonna be the winning team. At half time, whoever’s team is loosing will have to take a shot or a number of drinks. You can even bet on who’s team will make the most free throws and even three point shots.

Warning: NBA drinking game participants must be prepared to drink a lot fast and quick due to game play. Here are the play by play rules:

NBA Beer Rules

    Drinking rules for when points are scored:

  • 1 Drink: Every time the team you bet against scores
    Foul drinking rules:

  • 1 Drink: When a player from the team you bet with fouls
    Amazing stunt rules:

  • 1 Drink when there is a turnover
  • 2 Drinks when there is a slam dunk
  • 3 Drinks when there is a 3 point shot made
  • 3 Drinks when there is a nice one on one play
    Drinking rules for random events:

  • 3 Drinks for when a player messes up
  • 3 drinks if one of the player flips out

NBA Hard Liquor Rules

    Drinking rules for when points are scored:

  • 1 Shot for every 10 or 15 points the team you bet against scores.
    Foul Drinking Rules:

  • 1 shot for when a player reaches 2 fouls and or fouls out
  • 1 shot for when a flagrant or technical foul is called on either team.
    Amazing stunt rules:

  • 1 shot for when there is a buzzer beater shot
  • 1 shot if your team air balls a three point shot
  • 1 shot if the team you bet against gets a rim slam dunk
    Drinking rules for random events:

  • 1 shot is a major mess up happens
  • 1 shot if the coach gets in a argument with a official

When the game is finally over, everyone who lost the NBA drinking game has to shotgun a beer or take a shot.

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