frisbee drinking game
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Frisbee Drinking Game

There are often multiple variations of frisbee drinking game. Feel free to play as you like but we have included most common rules and techniques!


Frisbee drinking game will require a little bit more set up compared to normal drinking games. At the same time though, once you set up your course; it can be used over and over.


  • Two Posts and or Pipes
  • Two empty beer bottles
  • Two Frisbees

The Setup:

Set up your two poles or posts roughly chest high at a half decent toss apart (roughly 40 feet). Along with that, make sure that are sturdy in the ground. After that, place a empty beer bottle at the top the pole and or post.

Feel free to get creative here as anything could be used for your poles or posts. Just make sure that it is a fair object to throw at.

If you are worried about your glass beer bottles falling and shattering while playing frisbee drinking game, just wrap them in duck tape so they won’t shatter as easily.


These are just a few rules that are used often. You can easily create your own but for frisbee drinking game, we provided a few ideas to help start you out:

Team players must always have a beer in hand. They cannot play or do anything without having the beer in hand. This includes throwing and catching.

For the Throwing Team:
Start out with standing next to one pole facing each other and your goal is to try to knock the frisbee off the other teams pole. You could knock it off by hitting the pole or post itself and by a direct hit to the beer bottle. Teams must alternate when they are either throwing or defending and each team is only allowed to throw one time.

Teams can only score when they are throwing. When a team isn’t throwing, they are defending by trying to catch a frisbee. All throws made by either team must be catch-able along with they can’t throw their own pole.

Each time must throw one at a time along with one team at a time, while alternating throwing team and defending team.

For Defending Team

  • The defender doesn’t want the bottle to fall down either and or spill any beer while playing this frisbee drinking game.
  • Defenders can’t block the frisbee in anyway other than trying to catch it. If they fail to catch it, they must drink.
  • Defenders can only catch frisbees that land behind the pole, no exceptions!

Frisbee Drinking Game Custom Rules:

  • If the frisbee lands in between the poles, it is considered dead and the player who didn’t throw far enough must drink. The other team then will be able to play their turn from where the frisbee landed in between the poles.
  • If playing with one frisbee, teams will still alternate except players will alternate too between throwing and defending.
  • If the opposing team catches the defending team distracted, they can try to make their beer spill. If spilled, the throwing team gets to throw again and gains a point.

Point System:

More often than not, you can make up your own point system but here are some general guidelines that can help you figure out a system in frisbee drinking game.

  • Game goes up to 21 points and has to win by 2
  • 1 Point for failing to catch the frisbee but being able to catch the bottle
  • 1 Point for failing to catch the frisbee
  • 1 Point for if the defending team spills their drink

Loser of the game must chug the rest of their drink.

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