Chandelier Drinking game
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Chandelier Drinking Game: Flip Cup and Beer Pong Combined


Flip cup or “flippy cup” is often played around university and I’m sure yours too. This is essentially just a variation of that famous game! If you’re looking for something that is a little different from your normal drinking games, Chandelier Drinking Game is for you!


  • Pong Ball
  • One red solo cup per person
  • One main center chug cup
  • Round table

The Setup:

Make sure everyone is set up in a circle and having a cup in front of them. Along with that, make sure they have a red solo cup in front of them to play chandelier drinking game.


  1. Everyone must have their own up, along with that; they have to have the same amount of beer in the cup, just like in beer pong or flip cup
  2. Have all the cups arranged in a circle and one large cup in the middle that is nearly full of beer
  3. The game starts with one person bouncing a ping pong ball on the table and tries to bounce it into the cup. If the person manages to get it into someone else’s cup, then that person has to drink all the beer in his cup and refill it
  4. The same person that started the game continues playing and tries to bounce it into the middle cup. If they make it into the middle cup, everyone who is drinking has to drink their cup and play flip cup with the edge of the table. The last person to get their cup has to drink the middle cup in the center of the table
  5. If the original person misses at any time, the ball has to be passes to the next person in the circle or whoever happens to catch it

Notes: If any throw happens to make it into his or her own cup, they have to drink it and refill it. Everyone must have a full cup every time they happen to drink (House rules can change this and make the game last a little longer).

Feel free to keep playing Chandelier drinking game until you are just too wasted to play! This game really is a lot of fun and gets everyone going. If you want to really mess someone up for the night, just target someone throughout the whole game and they’ll be getting drunker faster than you think!

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