Skill Based Drinking Games

Some Drinking Games are based on luck, others based on skill. Here we have Skill Drinking Games that you can’t be a winner by just flipping a coin. Some of these will take physical will power, the best aim and more in order to win. Drunken-ness may just make these Drinking Games only harder.

One bad thing everyone know’s about Drinking Games though is that they only get harder and harder as the night goes on.. Skill Drinking Games are exactly about that too. That one precise aim you had in Beer Pong, now turns into complete misses. You’re going to be in for a ride with these Skill Drinking Games.

As the night goes on, take notice how much harder it gets to continue playing. It’ll get to the point where everyone is struggling, but that will only make the night better! One of our favorite skill based drinking games has to be Beer Pong. Not only is it a group game where multiple people can play, it also is one that does often require a fair bit of skill.

Skill Drinking Games often will require coordination, memory and can be fun to play as well as watch. Check out some of our Skill Drinking Games below to get a idea on what you should try!