boxing drinking game
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Boxing Drinking Game: How to play Boxing Drinking game

For those looking for a Boxing Match Drinking Game (Such as the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao), check out our other post here!

This is one simple game that will hit you fast! Just like a boxing match, you start with two people playing head to head.

Description: How to Play Boxing Drinking Game

Two players will be required to fill up shot glasses as fast as possible! For the people playing, they must sit at the opposite side of the table and each needs to roll the dice.

Whoever has a lower number will take the punch (Boxing) and pound down their shot! The two extra players will then fill their shot glass as quickly as possibly and roll again! Without a doubt, you both will get pretty messed up by the time everyone is finished!


  • Table or a steady surface
  • Two Dice
  • Two shot glasses
  • Stop watch or timer
  • Beer or liquor of your choice
  • Fun with atleast four people.


Everyone just needs to be sitting around a table or steady surface to play.


Each player will roll the dice and the player with the lower number on the die will have to drink their shot. Fast as possible, refill the shot glass and get ready for another round! Don’t expect too much of a break cause by the time you start relaxing, you’ll be already having to throw down a shot!!

This is one fast passed game that will provide endless hours. You will be playing in 3 minute rounds with only 30 seconds in between each round, sort of like a boxing game. You can either play till someone quits or pukes, this is a game that is guaranteed to get you fucked up! You could play in rounds too though to avoid this mess though depending how you are planning out your night to be. One memorable boxing drinking game right here!

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