avalanche drinking game
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Avalanche Drinking Game: Don’t get stuck drinking that cup


Avalanche is one college drinking game that is perfect when you have too many people yet everyone wants to play. With this game, you have no limits.. More the merrier!


  • Glasses to drink out of
  • One six sided die
  • Steady surface to play on
  • Everyone must bring their own alcohol

The Setup:

Avalanche drinking game is a fairly straight forward set up. Best to be played around a table or in a circle. Simply choose a player to start the game and have one glass that can be used to pass around. This player will add any amount of alcohol of their choice to the glass and then throws the dice on the table. This will start off the game and will continue counterclockwise.


If someone rolls a:

  1. Nothing happens and it simply goes to the next person
  2. The player must double the amount of alcohol or top off the glass if its more then half way full
  3. Player must drink whatever is in the glass
  4. Player must yell “Floor!” in which all players have to point towards the floor. Last person to point down has to drink the glass. This can easily be changed with another word and used instead.
  5. Must roll again. If they happen to roll it again, they get to pick someone else to drink the whatever may be in the glass. If you roll something other than the number 5, you follow whatever directions set to it.
  6. Nothing happens and it simply goes to the next person

The glass that was set in the beginning is then given to the person who has to drink that gets the numbers: “3”, “4” and finally, “5”. The next person who is after the person that just drank has to start with a new glass. If the drinker hasn’t finished the drink by the time it goes around again, they are then out of the game and loose. If the player also drinks 3 glasses, they also loose too. The winner is the last one who didn’t drink any glasses or that is still in the game/has the least amount of glasses drank thus didn’t get the “avalanche” of alcohol in avalanche drinking game.

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