moose drinking game
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Moose Drinking Game

This drinking game is perfect for any people looking for a game that requires little supplies. This is also sometimes called quarters drinking game.


Moose drinking game is a game where players will try to bounce quarters into an ice tray. Depending on where the quarters land, the player will have to drink in result. If the “moose cup” is hit though, all the players have to put up moose antlers using their hands and yell “Moose!”.


  • Ice Tray
  • Quarters
  • Beer, Mixed Drinks or Hard Liquor
  • 2 or More People
  • Steady Surface

The Setup:

This game requires little set up. Simply put the ice cube tray at the end of the table, long-ways and in front of the first player. Place a cup of beer or mixed drink (whatever you’re using) at the end of the tray. The first player will not try to bounce the quarter into the ice tray or cup.


Each slot in the ice tray count as a certain number of drinks. For example, the tray usually nearest the player is just one drink and so on. The number of drinks usually go up one at a time, all the way up to eight. Sometimes ice cube trays are bigger and or smaller. Adjust for each tray.

Quarters that end up landing on the left side of the tray will be counted as for giving drinks. For example, if the quarter ended up landing on the left side in the 4th spot, then the player can give 4 drinks to other players. They can either break them up between people or just give them to all one person to really mess them up.

Quarters that land on the right side will require the player to drink those drinks.

If the player manages to get the quarter at the end of the tray, its called a moose. All players must throw up their hands to the sides of their heads, thumbs up and fingers spread (moose antlers), while yelling “MOOSE!”. Whoever is last has to drink the whole moose cup.

Alternative Rules to Moose Drinking Game

Moose drinking game has a lot of different versions that you can play. You can also make up your own rules, but here is a few ideas that will help you get started:

  • Double Trouble
  • You simply just play with two different ice trays that are on either side of the table. This will result in more people being able to play along with just more harder to concentrate on bouncing your quarter.

  • Social
  • If the quarter ever hits the ice tray and doesn’t bounce directly in a slot, its a social and everyone will have to take a drink in moose drinking game.

  • Ramping
  • Sometimes you won’t be able to play this moose drinking game rule depending on how the ice cube tray is made, but try to balance the ice cube tray on the edge of your moose cup. This will make a ramped like surface. This will make it harder to pass it from player to player but you could just have players rotate instead of having to move it in this version.

  • Give or Take
  • The original moose drinking game rules state that the left is for simply taking drinking while the right is for giving. With this version, you will forget those rules and you get to pick.

  • Thumb Master
  • If the player gets the moose cup and puts their thumb on the table while yelling moose, all the other players must follow. Simply hold this stance until everyone notices. The last player to lay their thumb on the table will have to drink the moose cup.

  • Its the Penalty Pound
  • If the quarter is bounced and lands into another players drink, the person who bounced it has to finish off the drink as a penalty.

  • Sudden Death
  • This is when the player must focus on the moose drinking game cup at the end of the ice tray. The give and take rule will still apply though but the player only has 3 tries to hit in the moose cup. If they fail, they have to drink the moose cup.

  • Alligator Will Getcha
  • One player will spin a quarter on the table. While the quarter is spinning, the bounces must try to get a quarter into the tray before the other quarter stops spinning. If the player gets the quarter in the very last row, the player must grab the spinning quarter and try to bounce it into the last row too. If the player gets them both in, all other players have to finish off their drinks.

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