beer 99 drinking game
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Beer 99 Drinking Game: How to play beer 99 drinking game


Sadly, this college drinking game may require quite a bit of math but it’s a great time once you get everything down. Beer 99 drinking game is fairly straight forward and easy long as you have a elementary education.


  • Beer or hard liquor depending on how bad you wanna get messed up
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Any amount of players

The Setup:

This game has a fairly easy set up; just a place to play cards.


The object of this drinking game is to get all the playing cards into a pile and get all your cards in the pile to equal 99 (exactly why its called beer 99 drinking game). Each player needs to have four cards dealt out and then turn the top card over. Each player has to play a card and has to remember what the total value of the pile is.

Special cards

  • King: Keep this card as a get out of drinking card. You can also give this drinking responsibility to someone else. Perfect to use near the end of the game.
  • Four: To be used as a skip card when you have nothing to play. It can also be used to pass up on having to drink.
  • Tens: When you hit the 90s in the pile, tens will drop the pile by 10. Otherwise just use it as a regular card in beer 99 drinking game.

If you want to add a spin to this game, have socials when the total equals a number ending in 9 or has a 9 in it. Along with that, drink on 69 and 71. For each special, drink twice.

For the player who ends with 99, they must drink a beer fast as they can.

Always maintain four cards in your hand and draw from a stack of cards. If you run out of cards in the stack, reshuffle those that have been played already.

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