monopoly drinking game
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Monopoly Drinking Game: Easy To Follow Guide


We’ve decided to throw out those classic board game rules and turn them into something that is 10x more fun: Drinkng! You got it! Monopoly Drinking Game thankfully doesn’t take too much to change it into a fun drinking game that is perfect for any casual get together. Lets be honest, you’re not gonna whip this board game out at a huge party haha.

Sometimes people end up calling this Shmonopoly, but we don’t really care what you name it! Its a drinking game and thats all that matters to us. Without further adu though, here is this awesome drinking game!


  • Monopoly game (Get the one thats electric and comes with a credit card)
  • Beer or hard liquor (Most important in any drinking game)
  • Glass


This drinking game is just like the real monopoly except you will just be playing with different rules that we have compiled below for you to get a bit of a buzz going! Note: Feel free to swap up and mesh these rules together as sometimes they may not be good enough or too hard for your type of party.

Regular Monopoly Rules

  • Drink at least one time time if you land someone’s property.
  • Drink three times if you land on a color and someone owns all of that color.
  • Take a shot if you land on someones hotel hotel.
  • Drink one time when you roll doubles.
  • Assign two or so drinks when you land on GO.
  • Drink one time if you mortgage a property.
  • Finish your drink to get out of jail instantly.
  • Drink one time if you’re in jail and someone ends up landing on just visiting.
  • If you land on Water Works / Electric Co. drink the amount you roll (seconds).
  • If you land on a railroad drink the number of railroads they own.
  • If you owe money to the bank pour beer in the common glass.
  • Drink the common glass if you land on free parking.
  • If the bank owes you money assign a drink to someone.

Chance & Community Chest Rules

  • If you have to pay anything, you have to drink
  • If you have to pay each player $50 you drink once for each player
  • If they pay you $50 they must drink
  • If you get sent to a railroad drink for the amount of rails roads owned by player

We’ve heard this game from multiple people, and it will truly vary from player to play on how to play this classic drinking game. I’d advice just giving it a shot. Thanks for the submission though!!

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