Board Game Drinking Games

We all know Drinking Games are perfect for getting drunk and especially meeting people. These can vary from simple bar games to even ones that can get you just out of it and drunk. Thankfully, drinking games will also get everyone else drinking more too in which will make the night even better and people a bit more friendly.. ha! Some games are perfect to whip out at the bar, in your dorm room, or even in large groups. Heck, even a full fledged frat could play too. It all really comes down to what you want to play and how you want to play it.

This section is decided to Classic Drinking Games that have been adapted from real classic games. These can include board games to even ones like battleship, monopoly, and more. Heck, checkers too!

The main idea of any drinking game though is to get drunk and have some fun while doing it. At the same time, some are simply there as a way to just get extremely drunk and start the night off. Feel free to get creative and adapt some of these Classic Drinking Games for your next party.

Most of these games itself will be already known between young and old, but with a drinking game twist added to them. Feel free to look around our Classic Drinking Games section and give a try to the ones that end up catching your eye!